Description of Mediation & Arbitration Services

Mediation The parties attempt to resolve their differences with the assistance of a trained mediator. The mediator assists in the negotiations and helps to create a solution to the problem which is acceptable and adopted by the parties.
Arbitration Arbitration is similar to a court hearing, however in arbitration the parties chose their arbitrator and have input into the procedure to be followed. Evidence is heard by the arbitrator and he will render a written decision.
Mediation/ Arbitration This process can be described as binding mediation. The mediator attempts to assist the parties in resolving their dispute. If they are unable to reach a settlement on all or some of the issues the mediator has the authority to make the final binding decision.
Neutral Evaluation After hearing presentations by the parties, or their counsel, the resolution officer will attempt to assist the parties in further negotiations towards settlement. His approach will be evaluative in the hopes this will assist the parties in abandoning unreasonable positions.
Private Trials This entails matters which have proceeded through the litigation process and can not be resolved and are ready for trial. The difference is the parties do not want a public trial and would prefer all the evidence to be heard in private. The hearing officer provides a written decision at the conclusion of the trial. The parties agree to be bound by the decision.
Settlement Conferences This involves cases which are on the trial list and are ready for trial. The parties are making one last attempt to settle the action. Settlement conference briefs are exchanged. The evaluator will meet with the parties and their counsel Depending on the circumstances the meetings may take place in separate rooms. The evaluator will provide his opinion what he expects will happen at a trial.
Consulting Services As a result of the varied background and expertise various areas we all will provide consulting services to assist the resolution of disputes.

Walter Langley Walter T. Langley
A specialist in employment law & labour relations with extensive experience.
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  Brian Parnega Brian Parnega
Extensive experience in Civil Litigation, specializing in personal injury, insurance law and more.
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The Honourable Albert Roy, J.D., Q.C. The Honourable
Albert Roy, J.D., Q.C.

Former Ontario Superior Court Judge for the East Region.
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    The Honourable
James B. Chadwick, Q.C.