Fee Schedule


These fees are based upon a full day mediation/settlement conference consisting of all or part of six hours and a half day of all or part of three hours. They would include two hours of preparation for a full day conference and one and a half hour of preparation for a half day conference.  The daily rate also includes up to two hours travel time, consultation and administration.

For times exceeding the above, the hourly rate charged in addition by The Honourable Albert Roy, J.D., Q.C., Walter T. Langley and Brian Parnega is $400.00 (Additional fees may apply for multi-party mediations.)

For mediation and arbitration lasting longer then one day the fees are negotiable.


Daily rate includes up to two hours of travel time.

Pre-Hearing Conferences and written Awards are charged as follows

* H.S.T. is applied to all fees when required by law.


  • If cancellation is prior to 7 days before the scheduled event, then there will be no cancellation fee, only a charge for time and disbursements incurred up to that date.

  • Within 7 days we reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee of $1,000.00 per scheduled day(s).

  • Arbitrations, which are scheduled for more than two days, must be cancelled thirty days before the scheduled commencement, otherwise there will be a cancellation charge of 1/2 the fee for the number of scheduled days.


For mediation and arbitration services accounts are divided equally among the counsel for the parties, unless we receive other directions.

All accounts, including reasonable disbursements, and HST, are due and payable when rendered.  Overdue accounts bear interest at the rate of 6% per annum, calculated monthly until paid in full.

Walter Langley Walter T. Langley
A specialist in employment law & labour relations with extensive experience.
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  Brian Parnega Brian Parnega
Extensive experience in Civil Litigation, specializing in personal injury, insurance law and more.
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The Honourable Albert Roy, J.D., Q.C. The Honourable
Albert Roy, J.D., Q.C.

Former Ontario Superior Court Judge for the East Region.
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    The Honourable
James B. Chadwick, Q.C.